History and background

Our Vision: “To be the habitat  of choice for governance, information and communication solutions”

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Tachicom-Kenya was founded in 2012 but only got its legal recognition under the Company`s Act (Cap 486) in the year 2014. The habitat was founded by young people, with a  vision of seeing their country more transparent and accountable. While grappling with the issues facing their country and the ever dismal performance of Kenya in anti-corruption, the idea of the habitat was born in August 27th 2012. It continued to be just an idea until December 2nd 2012 when a hackathon was organized in Nairobi at the Boma. With the emerging anti-corruption ICT solutions, the team concretized their resolve to register the habitat. Facing inadequate financial resources, meetings could only be held along the streets of Nairobi and the University of Nairobi grounds where deliberations could be held. Consequently registration was continuously postponed until 2014 when someone of goodwill was encountered.

Guided by the International, Regional and National instruments, Tachicom-Kenya has a mandate to work with institutions and citizens in provision of information and communication solutions that promote transparency and accountability. This is premised on the fact that access to information (Article 35 of CoK 2010) can be used to tackle the issue of corruption, promote a secure and democratic society, empower communities and foster sustainable development. Kenya`s vision 2030 has further identified information and ICTs as a key pillar towards sustainable growth and development.

We note that information and communication management are among the emerging issues in the current global village that can promote accountability initiatives. Utilizing ICTs, without doubt would promote efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.


In achieving its mandate, Tachicom-Kenya will continue working through partnerships development of ICT solutions, research, capacity building, supply and training in implementing the strategic plan. Tachicom-Kenya would further work with and support stakeholders, implementers of all forms of projects and programs connect with citizens in unprecedented ways. This will be achieved through proper information management, development of communication plans and strategies, audience segmentation in messaging, knowledge products development such as documentaries, websites, ICT tools  among other services and initiatives that enhance transparency and accountability (In three focus areas- Communication, knowledge management and IT).

Leadership and management

Tachicom-Kenya is led by a non-executive board of directors comprising of 5 members: the chair-person, vice chair and two other directors that offer oversight and policy guidance. The secretariat whose headquarters are based in Nairobi is under the strategic management of the Managing Director who also serves as the Chief Information Scientist (CIS) and works closely with a senior management team among other staff.


You are here: Home Who we are History and background