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a)     History and Background

What is the meaning of Tachicom-Kenya?

Tachicom Kenya  is an acronym for Transparency and Accountability Habitat through Information and Communication in Kenya.

Where does Tachicom-Kenya operate in?

Tachicom-Kenya has an established office in Nairobi Kenya but works with like-minded institutions and citizens across Africa and the world at large.

Who are the founders of Tachicom-Kenya?

Tachicom-Kenya was founded by young people with a vision of seeing their country transparent and accountable. They sought to use information and communication as a tool of reaching out to the people in order to realize the vision.

What are the aspirations of Tachicom-Kenya?

Tachicom-Kenya was founded on the premise that information and communication solutions can be used to tackle the issue of corruption, promote a secure, transparent, accountable and democratic society.

What does Tachicom-Kenya believe in?

·    Tachicom-Kenya believes that positive behaviour change can be achieved through public awareness and targeted information sharing. Tachicom-Kenya believes too in technology for transparency.

What are the values of Tachicom-Kenya?

The cherished PRIDE values of Tachicom-Kenya below:

·         Professionalism

·         Reliability

·         Integrity

·         Dedication

·         Excellence


b)      Operations and Services

What are the services offered by Tachicom-Kenya?

Tachicom-Kenya is a service organization that focuses on three areas: Information management, Communication and IT solutions that are largely geared towards transparency and accountability initiatives.

Why is Tachicom-Kenya the one stop shop Transparency and Accountability Habitat through Information and Communication?

Tachicom-Kenya offers most of the information and communications solutions on matters that relate to transparency and accountability.

Whom does Tachicom-Kenya work with?

Tachicom-Kenya works focuses on two main objectives and works through partnerships with the citizens and institutions in order to achieve her goals.

Is there a focus on the youth?

Yes, Tachicom-Kenya believes in youth empowerment if Kenya is to achieve vision 2030. There are initiatives and programmes geared towards this.

Does Tachicom-Kenya have any endorsements and previous experience?

Yes, read more about our work and endorsements and you will know why you choose the Habitat.

Does Tachicom-Kenya offer other services?

Yes, Tachicom-Kenya is offering daily transparency news that can keep you updated on transparency and accountability issues. Other services include free professional advice and informational services for research and learning information through the Knowledge Habitat.

Strategic Focus

What is the Knowledge Habitat?

The Knowledge Habitat acts as the virtual center for and on all information on transparency and accountability in Kenya since 1963 to date. The broad categories include speeches, reports, statement, case- studies and other initiatives that the republic of Kenya has initiated.

How can I use the knowledge Habitat?

The Knowledge Habitat is very resourceful for research, learning, and promotion of best practices on transparency and accountability.

Can I approach Tachicom-Kenya in any of their services directly?

Yes, Tachicom-Kenya accepts requests from individuals, firms and or other establishments on one or multiple of their communication, Information management and IT solutions.

How can I support the work of Tachicom-Kenya?

You can support the work of Tachicom-Kenya by first believing in their vision, joining the campaigns, contributing and or donating to their initiatives.

c)      Human Resources

How do I apply for jobs at Tachicom-Kenya?

Tachicom-Kenya offers job opportunities (part-time, voluntary/internships, full-time) to qualified persons in line with the organizational human resource policies. These positions are usually advertised on their official website , face-book, and twitter pages. Applicants are encouraged to confirm first on the website before applying for any vacancy.  

d)     Contact

How can I reach Tachicom-Kenya?

Tachicom-Kenya can be reached through our contacts or by writing an email to:-


General enquiries:                       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For vacancies      :                         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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