1st Ladies` Transparency Night and KWUA awards

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1st Ladies` Transparency Night and KWUA awards

The first ladies` night is a high-level transparency meeting of women from all walks of life (Political, Corporate, Music, Art, Media, NGO’s and many more) around the country with an aim of engaging on transparency and accountability.


During this night, the 1st Ladies, and other organizations that have actively participated in transparency activities will be recognized and awarded through a nomination process that is ongoing. The top 20 (individuals and organizations) will enter into an online election process.


Women are the backbone of the country`s moral fiber and as they are the early mentors and teachers of children (the nation`s hope and future). Arguably women play a vital role in the country’s politics, social cultural development and economic growth. The strength of a “woman” is gradually being felt and recognized despite many years of being sidelined and downgraded in many areas. Kenya`s Constitution 2010 has oiled many gains for the women of Kenya and as Leaders, Future leaders and Mothers, Sisters, and Daughters of the future leaders, it is essential that they get involved in the national processes that are touching the country especially in promoting transparency. This event will bring many women together, to network, share notions, ideals and thoughts on transparency matters and ultimately nurture the nation`s future (a child).

Purpose of the Event

The event is meant to stimulate discussions that promote transparency and accountability in our country through women. Women supporting transparency and integrity are an effective measure in ensuring that the tenets of transparency and accountability are well entrenched in our society.

During the event, individual women and women organizations will be awarded for their noticeable contribution towards the promotion of transparency and integrity in our country. The awards will be categorized as follows:

1.            Women in Leadership;

2.            Women in Media

3.            Women Organization

4.            Women Artists

5.            Outstanding woman Uwazi award



The nominees for various categories are now displayed on our website and on Facebook as well.  All nominees shall be informed that they have been nominated for an award beforehand. They shall have an opportunity to vote for themselves and ask other supporters to vote for them on the website too.Nominations are now closed.


The dinner will be held on 6th June 2014 at 7.30pm.

The dinner rates are as follows;

1.            1st Ladies Standard ( RUBY)- 10,000/-

2.            1st Ladies Executive ( GOLD)-15,000/-

3.            1st Ladies V.I.P ( DIAMOND)-20,000/-

Tachicom-Kenya cordially invites you to the 1st ladies` Transparency Night and Kenya Women Uwazi Awards (KWUA),to be held on the 6th June 2014 at 7.30 pm.

For further information and confirmation of attendance, kindly contact Billha via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +254-723769971 before or on the 30th May 2014. 

***Thank you in advance***

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