ICT Dynamics in Kenya`s 2013/14 budget

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ICT Dynamics in Kenya`s 2013/14 budget

May 17 th.


Technology and services related are a huge development engine with most governments, co-operations, organizations, private companies and institutions of learning are setting up measures to introduce ICTs in service delivery, knowledge sharing, practice and operations. In many development sectors such as agriculture, health and education; these have become instrumental towards attainment of sector specific goals. In the education sector for instance, the e-learning and computer aided learning have been enabling across boarder and virtual learning for those that otherwise would not be physically present in learning centers. This has and is hoped to enhance efficiency, accuracy, reducing labour costs, reduction in bureaucratic and tedious procedures. In most times this comes with a huge budgetary cost which comes with positive long term implications.

Kenya`s vision 2030 is anchored on ICT as one of the key pillars critical to its realization. The budgetary allocation to revitalize the sector is one of Kenya government`s efforts to equipping people with ICT knowledge for innovation and development. Save for the “infamous” or “famous” laptop project for standard one pupils as promised by the government, others are the Open Data Initiative, Digital Villages per constituency, fibre Optic Cable networks, and Free Wifi in major towns and cities. Needless to say, the era of information communication technology has revolutionized the way people transact business in the home and in the work environment. Kenya has an edge with her increased mobile penetration and low cost computing gadgets powered over the internet which have made communication easier in the global world breaking geographical and physical barriers unknown to mankind before. It is not uncommon to witness most organizations, corporations, agencies and individuals embracing them in their work environment.

It is still a mirage how the costs and investments would eventually pay off. It is altruist to hope that ICTs will seal leakages in revenue collection systems, enhance innovative ways to better deliver public service, create conducive business environments, improve access to information, communication and technology in schools, households and across all sectors. It crystal clear, that mainstreaming of ICTs into efforts to support transparency, accountability and democracy would ultimately lead to economic empowerment.


By: Jacob Orina:

Note: The writer works with Transparency and Accountability Habitat through Information and Communication (Tachicom-Kenya) and ideas expressed herein are personal and not those of the habitat

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