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Transparency news May 11th 2014

May 13 th.


Nairobi News: We need an explanation on failed bus project

It is becoming increasingly clear that what was a noble idea by the County Government to provide residents with affordable public transport has collapsed. The plan entailed the county acquiring 100 buses by December. The governor was to launch the first fleet o

Nairobi News: Ondieki now asks court to stop MCAs from sacking him

Nairobi Executive Member in charge of transport wants a motion seeking to impeach him declared null and void. Mr Evans Ondieki said no evidence had been provided to show he committed high crimes, misdemeanours or bribery to warrant his removal. He said the County..

Nairobi News: Stop attacking Kidero for accepting the truth

People should stop verbally attacking governor Evans Kidero just because he has come to accept the honest truth that Kenya must pay the Anglo-Leasing money. It is not his decision but rather one that was arrived at by an international court. If Kenya does not comply,..

Nairobi News: Scandal of city buses that never were

A project that would have seen the county government own and run a public transport company in the city has collapsed. Mr Guleid Mursal, the owner of Maslah bus company, inside one of the buses that was to be acquired by the Nairobi County Government to ease traffic...


Nation Business: Watchdog to probe key players in agriculture sector
Dominant players in the agriculture sector face deeper scrutiny as the Competition Authority of Kenya looks into possible uncompetitive behaviour in the sector, as claims surfaced that cartels are infiltrating the coffee and tea sub-sectors

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