CORRUPTION: Are we fighting this cancer with “Panadols”?

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CORRUPTION: Are we fighting this cancer with “Panadols”?

April 03 rd.


“The mystery of the disappearance of the free primary education funds”

The disappearance of Millions of dollars donated by the UK and meant for free primary education remains a mystery. The donors halted the aid over corrupt government claims.

The scandal saw over 4.2 billion Kenyan shillings greedily stolen from the innocent Kenyans through the ministry of Education. It prompted the then British High Commissioner to Kenya, Rob Macaire to sound a warning to Kenya to make significant reforms for it to be considered for future funding. 

Most shaming is that political corruption has become a household activity with most of the corruption scandals  linked to politicians. They later take shield in commissions set to investigate their conduct which have instead turned opaque to transparency and accountability. Through their influence, the accused then turns the accuser with the big fish dragging the fight back and even claiming for damages. Worst still, reports from the commissions have never been brought to the public and recommendations worked on.

Anti-Corruption ambassadors like Kiharu Member of Parliament, Irungu Kang'ata have taken the fight to the national assembly.

                               “Yes. The animal is big and should be addressed without fear.”

 Hon. Irungu Kang'ata has already filled a notice of an amendment to the Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Act with the Speaker of the national assembly, Justine Muturi. The amendment is set to put death sentence as the penalty to corruption cases. County governments and especially Kiambu, Nakuru and Kisumu counties have in the recent past been put on the lime light over corruption related cases. They have been asked to comply with Article 201(a) of the constitution requires openness, accountability and public participation in financial matters further the Public Finance Management Act, Section 125(2), demands that the County Executive Committees ensure there is public participation in the entire budget process.

The overrated multibillion laptop and the standard gauge railway projects remains a mileage. Kenyans are still crossing their fingers to see these projects implemented...well if they will. The railway project for instance, was meant to elevate the country’s economy by reducing the cost of bulk transits, time taken to transport goods from Mombasa to Malaba and reduce congestion on the roads.However with allegations of improper tendering process, Kenyans are still hoping against hope that things will be well and the project set back on track.

From the two mega scandals and the other unsolved cases, it is clear that the new digital government is yet to yield fruits in fighting corruption. With the increased awareness and quest for action many individuals and organisations have decided to hold the bull by the horns however wild it may be, and address the matter. Our concrete case studies range from activists like the Robert Alai  who is tirelessly  mobilizing Kenyans against the vice, Legislator Dr Khalwale with the famous ,’ To end corruption and impunity in this county….’ loud and direct to the big fish  and  now organizations are running upfront. The Transparency and Accountability Habitat through Information and Communication (Tachicom) has mandated itself in fighting the monster through information and communication.  The question remains, do we act our words?  When will news on corruption stop trending our newsrooms?

Opinion article By Job Wanyama

 Disclaimer: The opinions and or ideas expressed by the writer do not in any way reflect the official position of Tachicom-Kenya.


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You are here: Home Get Updates Daily transparency news CORRUPTION: Are we fighting this cancer with “Panadols”?