Transparency news October 14th 2013

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Transparency news October 14th 2013

March 24 th.


Standard : Judge Lenaola lands Sierra Leone court job(Pg 10)

Presiding Judge of the Constitution and Human Rights Division of the High Court Justice Isaac Lenaola has been appointed to the roster of judges of the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Standard : Lobby warns Sh20b police tender illegally reinstated(Pg 11)

A lobby yesterday moved to court  in a bid to nullify a Sh20 billion tender  for supply of police surveillance equipment it claims was irregularly reinstated by Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo after being cancelled by another senior government official

Standard : Lawyer sues  AG over Sh4m  payout deal (Pg 11)

A lawyer has accused Attorney General Githu Muigai of frustrating payment of Sh4.5million he was awarded in compensation last year.

Standard : MPs now get greenlight  to steer Uwezo Fund(Pg 12)

It’s happy season for MPs after they finally got their way and were allowed to supervise the Sh6 billion Uwezo Fund in their respective counties, and constituencies

Standard : Bid to scrap transition body opposed(Pg 12)

Senators have vowed to shoot down a controversial Bill that seeks to scrap the Transition Authority (TA) and replace it with an inter-governmental committee, terming the proposal an attack on devolution.

Standard : South Sudan to know fate of joining EAC by December +standard  (Pg 19)

The world’s newest nation’s quest to join the East African Community (EAC) could be known before the end of this year

Standard : House team recommends shift to nuclear exploration (Pg 26)

The Senate Committee on Energy has recommended a major shift towards nuclear energy exploration and adoption.

Standard : Report exposes intrigues at NCPB(Pg 26)

A report has exposed the intrigues that characterised a contract between the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) and a company that was to supply it with white maize.

Standard : ‘Illegal’ consignment of timber impounded in disputed community forest(Pg 29)

Residents and leaders have recovered seven tonnes of timber poached from a community forest in Taita-Taveta County

Nation: MPs to discuss media fears over threats to freedom of expression (Pg 2)

MPs are looking into media industry complaints that powers given to the government over news outlets by proposed information laws will stifle the freedom of expression.

Nation: House seeks to tame officials’ flight costs (Pg 2)

All State officers and civil servants will travel in economy class on local flights and no higher than business class on international trips, if the government implements a motion supported by most MPs.

Nation: Holes poked in Shollei defence (Pg 5)

The Judicial Service Commission has dismissed former chief registrar Gladys Shollei’s explanation for her actions.

Nation: Scanty short rains predicted by met (Pg 8)

There will be rain in several counties Wednesday and Thursday but the showers will only last for a week, the Meteorological Department has predicated.

Nation: Firm in bid to stop fraud probe on hospital fund(Pg 9)

A medical provider alleged to have swindled millions of shillings from the national health insurer has gone to court in a bid to stop its directors’ prosecution.

Nation: Senators against plan to wind up Transition team (Pg 11)

A plan to dissolve the Transition Authority suffered a setback on Wednesday when senators opposed it.

Nation: Kenya crucial in war on terror, AU says in deferral plea (Pg 17)

The African Union on Tuesday cited Kenya's status as "a frontline state in the fight against terrorism" in a formal plea to the United Nations Security Council for deferral of the International Criminal Court cases against Kenya's leaders.





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