About Tachicom-Kenya

Our Vision: “To be the habitat  of choice for governance, information and communication solutions”

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About Tachicom-Kenya

Transparency and Accountability Habitat for Information and Communication (Tachicom-Kenya) was established to provide consultancy and technical assistance on Information/Knowledge, Communication and Information Technology management for transparency and accountability initiatives. Our mandate is to work with institutions and citizens in provision of information and communication solutions that promote transparency and accountability.


We note that information and communication management are among the emerging issues in the current global village that can promote accountability initiatives. Information and communication management in the knowledge age has become an inevitable discourse. Organizations/individuals and firms grapple with how to manage the effects of information overload. Utilizing ICTs, without doubt would promote efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

Kenya`s vision 2030 has identified ICTs as a key pillar towards sustainable growth and development. In the information and communication disciplines, this remains a sine qua non in delivery of programs and viable projects. The further recognition of information as a human right in Kenya`s constitution 2010 under article 35 necessitates the early recognition of the need to develop systems and processes that would enhance effective and robust management of the same.

Tachicom-Kenya further recognizes the role innovation and technology plays as an important asset in the realization of efficient management of firms and organizations. Tachicom-Kenya in realizing her vision would work with and support stakeholders, implementers of all forms of projects and programs connect with citizens in unprecedented ways. This is achieved through proper information management, development of communication plans and strategies, audience segmentation in messaging, knowledge products development such as documentaries, websites, ICT tools  among other services and initiatives of the company offers (In three broad areas- Communication, knowledge management and IT).

With a team of communication, technology and governance experts (professionals) addressing services being sought for 24/7, our core values would steer us in offering excellent services of global standards to citizens, government, firms and organizations in this endeavour.

It is our desire to exceed your expectations and enhance your company and staff capacity to deliver their mandate and goals. It gives us immense pleasure to introduce Tachicom-Kenya We can be reached through our contacts.

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