Endemic strikes against governance ideals

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Endemic strikes against governance ideals

March 21 st.



Taking stock of who we are and why we were here is a supreme stride. Kenya remains well-endowed with the most valuable and strategic resources including a people centred Constitution. The chief aim of Kenya`s 2010 Constitution is to guarantee good governance. As it were; it calls all to strive to talk, walk and live the ideals. The strikes seem to have been a litmus test to The governance principles and national values articulated in article 10 of the Constitution. Particularly, the concepts of the rule of law, social justice and human dignity have suffered at the height of the grim picture of the endemic strikes circus.


This is how the strikes temporarily took away the three values. To live in human dignity under the Constitution, is in essence having the inalienable and inherent rights which include living a decent life, having access to basic services including healthcare. These are indelibly guaranteed for in our bill of rights. However for almost 100 days, they were negated.  Equally, social justice is based on the paradigm of human rights and equality.  It is sad that this could not manifest for 100 days; only a few could afford Medicare and access to education during the dark period of the strikes. There have been inspired claims that are the root of this challenge. The famous was that: the Constitution is subordinate to egos and personal gains.  Without apportioning blames, this must not have happened.


What seems to have eluded from the minds of the stakeholders and interested parties to bring to an end to the strikes? How would social justice and human dignity be encouraged? The panacea is in the Rule of law. This is basically a principle of governance in which all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the State itself, are accountable to laws and comply by their dictates. The gist of this is to ensure an equality superseded by supremacy of the Constitution. It occurred during the strikes that court decisions were not honoured and some parties were not accountable to the Constitution.  


This sad status borne by Kenyans, largely the poor may be a reflection of the Kenya`s potential to exploit Constitution, but not a permanent state. We do have the opportunity to gradually extend our governance apparatus and increase value integration. As we revaluate the impact and strive to forge ahead, it must be clear that the people of Kenya have been the most affected. We must also benefit from the hindsight of this fiasco. We need to draw lessons from countries that have exonerated themselves from the shame of dependency, mis-governance, in-genuine indignity, and vulnerability. This will need investment in civic Education and promotion of a value based society. We need adequate measures to ensure adherence to Constitutionalism!  




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Jacob Otachi,

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