Celebrating Menstruation Hygiene Day

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Celebrating Menstruation Hygiene Day

Tachicom-Kenya wishes you a Happy Menstruation Hygiene Day being celebrated annually today May 28th 2014 in an attempt to promote an understanding of MHM practices with the following key objectives:

a)    Bring together examples of good menstrual hygiene practice from around the world

b)    Provide guidance on building competence and confidence to break the silence surrounding the issue

c)    Encourage increased engagement in advocacy on menstrual hygiene



UNESCO estimates that 1 in 10 African girls miss school during menses, eventually leading to a higher school dropout rate. It is also estimated that 77% of girls in Kenya 83 % in Africa have no place at school to change their sanitary menstrual materials. In Kenya, penetration of these practices is still low due poverty and partially due to inhibitive cultural practices and beliefs surrounding the subject of menstruating women. Adolescent school girls from this background are most affected: low self-esteem, absenteeism from school and in some cases contracting unwelcome infections. The net effect of this is poor performance and eventual dropping out of school. However, Ghanaian study found that girls’ attendance increased substantially after receiving free sanitary pads and puberty education.

In light of this, Tachicom-Kenya conveys its best wishes to all and exclusively appreciates your support in making this day a success.

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You are here: Home Get Updates News and Events Celebrating Menstruation Hygiene Day