What ICC acquittal means for Kenya

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What ICC acquittal means for Kenya

March 08 th.


Why did the case collapse and so what? Perhaps my mind is being shared by many Kenyans. The ICC prosecutor cited lack of evidence and frustration by the Kenyan Government in provision of evidence but was quick to assert that the case could be reopened in future if and when sufficient evidence is available. Whether you choose to believe her or not depends on the perspective of a range of views and schools of thought. Some hold that the case should have ended at the pre-trial chamber while others see it as an affront to justice especially to victims of the 2007/08 PEV.

In the political circles, this spells a recipe for mistrust within the jubilee coalition partners namely URP and TNA as the former`s party leader`s fate at the ICC still hangs in the balance. Consequently the strongholds of the due will pendulum to these states. Arguably, the opposition led by the CORD coalition would be edging for political spoils to make capital out of it. Inversely, the public perceptions about the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) would be “dwindling” as it is the only warring party to the PEV whose members are at the ICC (William Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang).

Internationally, Kenya is likely to regain its former support across the west and the east. We are likely to see more investments and donor support to our programmes and initiatives owing to this emerging stability. Therefore our trading position would not be hampered in any way by the ongoing cases as the country`s CEO is free to exercise his constitutional mandate.

The biggest loss goes to the ICC and to the victims. Credibility of the ICC is now at question owing to apparent shoddy investigations and for failing to guarantee that Uhuru`s case was led at-least to trial. It would raise fundamental questions as well on how the co-operation of state parties need to be achieved without the just witnessed bottlenecks in the Kenya`s case. As for the victims, their hopes for truth and justice are sunk for the time being.

By: Otachi J. Orina (Communication and Governance Czar)


The writer works with Tachicom-Kenya and his views expressed herein are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of the Habitat.

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