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A comprehensive list of all Services Business in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the schools website (Courtesy SoftKenya).

Budget transparency and citizen participation in Kenya


The constitution introduces devolution with the arrangement of a national government and 47 county governments as a way of bringing the government closer to the grassroots. It also clarifies the roles and responsibilities for the three arms of government; the executive, the legislature and the judiciary who will each independently prepare and submit their respective budgets to parliament.Read more

A driving licence is a permit that authorises an individual to drive / operate a vehicle or motor cycle on the road. Categories of driving licences:

·         Class "E" - allows a driver to drive light vehicles only.

·         Class "B,C and E" - allows driver to drive both light vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.

·         Class "I" - This is a special licence that incorporates authority to drive articulated motor vehicles, prime movers, fork lifts, shovels.


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