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Devolution in Kenya has become the cornerstone for the realization of vision 2030 and other development goals. The country is about to celebrate 5 years since the Constitution of Kenya 2010 was promulgated. Among the far-reaching gains that are enshrined in this constitution is meaningful public participation on governance and public affairs issues.  Articles 201 (a), 196 (b) 184 (c), 174 (c), 124 (b), 118, 35, 34, 10-2 (a) provide for access to information and public participation in the decision making processes.


In the month of July 2014, we are running an online Information Accountability (IA) campaign like no other witnessed before.Petition here


The Information Accountability (IA) campaign, serves as a wake-up call to all in positions of authority and are responsible for timely, accurate, reliable, adequate and precise dissemination and action on information at their disposal. Further the IA seeks to inform the leadership and all in positions of authority to be accountable on their utterances and messages to the public.

The Kenya Women Uwazi Awards has attracted quite a number of many entrants from diverse sectors to the list of nominees in various categories (Women in Leadership,Women in Media,Women Artists, Outstanding Women Individual and Women Organizations). Notification is ongoing to the nominees and an online poll will take place. Evaluation and results will be conducted by an independent select team and the event will culminate into the 1st Ladies Transparency Night. Members of the public and all who wish to attend are requested to find more information here for tickets.

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