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Education and Learning on Environmental and Water Accountability


The ELEWA project, is a diagnostic tool for climate change, water and environment institutions, actors and individuals who are interested in sustainable economic growth, self-reliance and fight against poverty.

It has three main objectives:

  1. Establish an overview of the integrity of different sub-sectors of the water sector,to highlight areas which are vulnerable to mismanagement.
  1. Identify priority areas for action to enhance water and environmental accountability.
  2. Increase awareness about the water and environmental accountability and stimulate improvement.

The ELEWA programme is such that it will target environment and water sector institutions as well as influential persons to be ELEWA champions/ambassadors as highlighted below.

a)    Government bodies, WAB, WASREB, WARMA, Ministry of Water and Environment, and interested partners like Donor Agencies mandated to protect the environment and water resources mismanagement.

b)    Environmental and Water Accountability ‘champions’ at national, County and any other relevant levels that are committed to participate in environmental and water governance but are disadvantaged in terms of knowledge and expertise.

c)    Climate change Institutions and agencies (CSOs/NGOs) that are working on similar approaches as Transparency and Accountability Habitat through Information and Communication (Tachicom-Kenya) that see a potential of strengthening national level advocacy by an engagement at local level.