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Our Vision: “To be the habitat  of choice for governance, information and communication solutions”

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Tachicom-Kenya initiatives

Transparency and Accountability Habitat through Information and Communication-(Tachicom-Kenya) has in the course of March 2014 started implementing initiatives geared at propelling enhanced knowledge on transparency and accountability. With the believe that information can be a solution in this endeavor. Tachicom-Kenya`s approach is different, unique and founded on communication principles. The driving force is to use positive communication approaches; multi-media and new media tools to pass the transparency message. Some of the initiatives are as follows:

a)     Campus for Transparency

The concept of involving young campus (Slang Word for University) students in discussions around integrity issues is to influence their values and character while at a tender age and mentor them to be responsible citizens who can play their role in promoting transparency. The youth are also adversely affected by corruption but they have few avenues of talking about it, and the concept of the Campus for Transparency is to identify champions of transparency, and give them a platform to participate in governance issues, and even highlight the issues to the leaders for change through citizen journalism/media. Through this initiative, the “Campus” students will have an opportunity to also influence the entire society by collecting and sharing human interest stories of how corruption has affected the society and above all tell positive stories of those who have prevented it/ champions.

Find more about this initiative on our website here.

b)     ICOM4T -(Information and Communication for transparency)

Tachicom-Kenya has started implementing the Information and Communication for Transparency (ICOM4T) Project aimed at creating positive awareness on transparency and accountability initiatives in Kenya by use of technology. Tachicom-Kenya is and will make as much useful information available by developing and maintaining a one stop shop online knowledge habitat and through social media as possible in a simplified and easy to digest manner. This shall include but not limited to; reports, speeches, legislations, strategic plans, statements, documentaries. In promoting a more positive approach to promoting transparency and accountability, success stories as well as procedures on government/ private services access shall be hosted  made available publicly.

c)      Online Technology

Tachicom-Kenya has purposed to use a multi-diversity of online approaches by embracing social media for citizen and targeted digital engagements. The following are the current platforms:

      i.          Tachicom-Kenya website:

Tachicom-Kenya currently has a website www.tachicom-kenya.com which is a key tool of public and institutional engagement. Built with a modern look and feel; the site is remains a powerful information tool on our approaches, solutions, services and general knowledge on transparency and accountability.

    ii.           Google + Online Communities:

In further advancement of its operations, Tachicom-Kenya`s google + page offers a professional look and touch of initiatives of the Habitat. Currently, members are being recruited to the ICOM4T page largely focusing on use of information and communication to pass on and keep engaging on transparency and accountability. Digital stories, links, videos and latest events are being shared publicly here.

   iii.          Facebook and Twitter

Tachicom-Kenya has currently over 900 likes on this platforms and the number keeps on growing day by day owing to the innovative engagement. These platforms have proved successful in mobilizing and engaging the public who largely comprise of the youth. Our twitter handle https://twitter.com/tachicomkenya ;Our face-book page https://www.facebook.com/tachicomkenya

iv) Other online accounts:

Other online accounts associated with Tachicom-Kenya include:

Scribd - http://www.scribd.com/TachicomKenya

Issue.com - http://issuu.com/tachicom-kenya

Upcoming initiatives include:

a)      ELEWA – Electronic Learning on Environment and Water Accountability

b)      KITI-        Kenya Information Transparency Index


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