Our philosophy

Our Vision: “To be the habitat  of choice for governance, information and communication solutions”

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Our philosophy

We work with the premise that Kenya is and will be transparent and accountable and that at the Habitat we only: provide the means i.e. use of information and communication solutions for social behaviour change.


·      Positive information sharing and communication on anti-corruption initiatives can promote transparency and accountability.

·         Access to information and awareness on anti-corruption prevention measures is key to nurturing a social behaviour change.

·         Information has not only to be disseminated but using the appropriate channels and approaches.

·         Tachicom-Kenya seeks to use information and communication solutions to get more converted into the transparency and accountability regime.

Meaning of Tachicom

T- Transparency

AC- Accountability

H- Habitat (The home through which transparency and accountability can and is achieved)

I- Information (Information as a resource and an empowerment tool)

COM-Communication (Refers to the means of reach and the messaging)

Interpretation of the Logo:

The Three Stars

1st Orange Star- The positive acquisition, organizing, repackaging, storage and sharing of information.

2nd Blue Star- The positive limitless use of effective communication approaches to reach out to and share information that promotes transparency and accountability.

3rd Orange Star- The use of ICT solutions in breaking barriers- geographical, language, distance in profiling transparency and accountability.


·         Respect for values and humanity,

·         Information as a resource and empowerment tool,

·         Proactive disclosure of information that can make Kenya transparent and accountable,

***Transparency as a means but not an end in itself***

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