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APSEA Policy Paper on Devolution

Prior to Independence in 1963, there were politics of devolution. The KADU party which had members like Ronald Ngala, Masinde Muliro, D.T. Moi, J. K. Tipis, Martin Shikuku among others advocated for devolved government. By that time the devolved system of government was referred to as majimbo. Majimbo is a Swahili word which refers to a region or regional. At that time there were no well thought out structures on devolution as it is enshrined in the current constitution. Read more

Budget transparency and citizen participation in Kenya

The constitution introduces devolution with the arrangement of a national government and 47 county governments as a way of bringing the government closer to the grassroots. It also clarifies the roles and responsibilities for the three arms of government; the executive, the legislature and the judiciary who will each independently prepare and submit their respective budgets to parliament.Read more

Human rights, separation of powers and devolution in Kenya

This paper is essentially a study of the new governance system in Kenya and an explanation why constitutional democracy holds the key to the promotion of human rights; entrenchment of the rule of law and the realization of good governance. The paper suggests that the concept of constitutional democracy is not the same thing as constitutional government; accordingly, to achieve constitutional democracy, a government must be both constitutional and democratic.  Read more

Devolution implimentation process in Kenya

Supporting the Kenya Constitutional Implementation Process is a partnership between USAID and the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) to assist the Government of Kenya develop the comprehensive laws and policies required under the new Constitution. Read more


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