Citizen Participation

Our Vision: “To be the habitat  of choice for governance, information and communication solutions”

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Transparency and Accountability Habitat through Information and Communication programmatic focus:

The Transparency and Accountability Habitat for Information and Communication (Tachicom-Kenya) has a mission to support institutions and citizens to harness information, communication and IT solutions across all sectors for transparency and accountability through policy, management, development, maintenance, training and knowledge sharing. Among its objectives, is to build the capacity of citizens and institutions to harness and utilize the tools for effective service delivery. In this regard, Tachicom-Kenya has started implementing a number of programmes and initiatives to promote the realization of its mission and mandate.


In the Kenyan constitution 2010, article 35 on access  to information is  anchored by Article 10, on  national values and principles of governance that include democracy and participation of the people, good governance, integrity, transparency and accountability. The right to information is crucial in the enactment and implementation of crucial laws, general public access to relevant information, increased citizen participation in governance issues at county and national levels as well as promoting transparency and accountability.

Information and Communication for Transparency (ICOM4T)

The project aimed at creating positive awareness on transparency and accountability initiatives in Kenya by use of technology. Tachicom-Kenya plans to make as much useful information available by developing a one stop shop online knowledge habitat and through social media as possible in a simplified and easy to digest manner. This shall include; reports, speeches, legislations, strategic plans, statements, documentaries. In promoting a more positive approach to promoting transparency and accountability, success stories as well as procedures on government/ private services access shall be hosted  made available publicly.

Summary of the ICOM4T project

Implement an all in one online transparency knowledge habitat supporting proactive disclosure of transparency and accountability initiatives in Kenya and related Information on access to services to bridge the gap between sources, general public, domain experts and decision makers from multiple, geographically distributed organizations and government (county and national) departments in the country (Kenya).




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